Objective #1 Accomplished

We took a short but pleasant hike at Richard M. Nixon Park today. avivahg was breaking in a new pair of shoes so we couldn’t walk far. It was nice seeing the signs of the land coming back to life. Saw lots of animals of the reptile and amphibian sort, including a pair of snakes. Took photos, maybe I’ll post a few.

On the way to and from I practiced driving a manual transmission for the first time since I learned to drive, years ago. It was somewhat nerve-wracking, but I managed to avoid stalling until the car was safely back in our garage.

Tonight I think we’ll try to go out to a coffee house and/or catch a movie. I guess I should check to see what’s playing…

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  1. I remember the first time I ever drove a stick. What a comedy video that would have made.

    I’ve gotten better since.

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