Silly Descriptives

The laptop I referenced in my last entry is described on that page as having a “Futuristic Backlit Keyboard”. Maybe it’s just me, but if your product features some useful technology that works in the here-and-now, it isn’t futuristic. It’s present-istic. If you want it to be “futuristic”, do something useless but cool-looking like making the case transparent. Duh.

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  1. nope – thats why the istic. if something is realistic, it suggests it isnt completely real, but does a good job of coming off that way.

    1. I stand by my statement. To me, if something is futuristic, it suggests some future ability without actually delivering it. E.g. the way fins on cars in the 60s suggested the flying cars we’d all have in our garages by 2000 (hah). A glowing keyboard suggests nothing but the ability to see the keys more easily in the dark – a promise it also fully delivers on.

      Or were you agreeing with me? I couldn’t quite tell.

      1. i am in fact disagreeing in this case 😉 – the suffix -ic in this context means like or similar to. it does not mean the thing is actually the root word, merely that it resembles the root word. like realistic does not mean real, futuristic does not mean of the future.

        1. I’m not disputing that, I’m saying that IMO a glowing keyboard is neither from, nor like something from, nor suggestive of, the future.

  2. heh, good movie. i am not sure i want my compie to be see-thru…i like sleek…i just want mine metallic blue!:) that or to be able to afford one period…

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