“I […] believe people can make sense to each other”

Wow. this woman has my respect.

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  1. thats amazing.
    i mean what a great idea…people can make sense to each other, it gets lost in the huge political translation and then separates us.
    what a great thing that is.

  2. That is rare.
    Imagine what might happen if everyone tossed their labels aside and just talked.
    …and then paid attention long enough to reach some common ground…

    1. Reaching common ground is something I believe will never – and should never happen. But I respect her for choosign dialogue over yelling slogans and demonizing the opponent.

      1. Maybe I should rephrase.

        By ‘reaching common ground’ I do not mean everyone being in total agreement on every issue. That would only serve to end all discussion of the issues…bad idea.

        My intended meaning was that, in an open and calm debate, some decisions can and should be reached which give all parties involved some input. The end result being equal representation for anyone with valid concerns and a logical argument to support them.

        Constant debate that never leads to any agreement (even if the agreement is to disagree) leads to yelling slogans and demonizing the opponent.

        1. Re: Maybe I should rephrase.


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