No Vacancy

There’s a boy living in my head.

He’s quiet and I hardly ever hear from him anymore.   But sometimes when I’m talking to someone he starts banging on my skull and won’t let up until I let him speak his piece.  Then he tells them exactly what they need to hear, in the terms of a religion that I no longer believe.  He speaks without forethought or consideration, from somewhere deep inside.  And then he retires back to wherever it is he spends his time.

The most convincing evidence I have that God might exist after all is the fact that he doesn’t seem to give a fig whether I believe in Him when He decides to talk to someone through me.

Either that, or I’m fucking nuts.

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  1. omg. I have a boy and a few more that live in my head too.
    The other day I asked a friend if he had any weird head people…and he said no. Then I got very afraid.

  2. hmmm….

    consider this:
    voice isn’t god
    voice is a guide
    voice is kind to you and uses language and insight you’re familiar with to give you the means to help others

    all of us have a guide(s); but not all of us a attuned to them.

    these guides have surpassed our current stage with in the grid of our percieved existance. they are here to help us realize who and what we are; to help find our purpose and where we are to go next

    voice is good. the more you let him talk the more you learn about the human race, yourself and the universe. pay attention; we all have much to learn

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