Another Day, Another Lost Entry

I just wrote a rather long entry in LogJam. Then it crashed when I tried to insert a link. One more LJ client written off.

Dammit. I am not re-writing that entry.

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  1. I have similar problems, but not with client software. With Linux and XFree86. There is some magic key combination that I press when I am typing quickly, and the sequence shuts down X. And all applications running under X.

    I think the key sequence is Shift-Backspace. I’m not sure, and I’m not about to try it now.

    I’ve lost a number of entries into LJ, e-mail web sites, and other applications because of it.

    :: grumbles in sympathy with avdi ::

    1. The combination, on a normal X installation, is Ctl-Alt-Backspace. It kills X instantly. Handy once you know it; incredibly annoying when you don’t.

      1. CTRL-ALT-BKSP does kill X. I have tested that.

        But I am pretty sure that I am /not/ pressing CTRL-ALT-BKSP.

        I suspect that the magic sequence I am pressing is Shift-Backspace because I tend to leave my finger on the Shift key, especially when typing quickly, and usually have capital letters in my text. USually LIke THis.

        Bah. All I want is a computer that understands me.

  2. you know jwz’s got an emacs mode for lj, yes?

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