So between my new haircut and the black turtleneck I’m wearing, I keep catching reflections of myself and thinking “Snape!”.  I don’t look anything like him except on the briefest of glimpses, but it’s still kind of wierd.  I’ve been meaning to put some photos of this new haircut up to see what y’all think; maybe I’ll get around to it tonight.

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  1. Sorry, liebchen, I’M Snape…lol

    1. Oh yeah? When am I gonna see some photographic PROOF, hm?

  2. Snape, eh? *grins* Now THAT I’ve got to see…

    1. I agree… proof needed…
      *gives you a curious look*

  3. Well, let’s see a pic

  4. i for one am very excited at the prospect of seeing a more recent picture of you (considering the few i have are froma billion years ago!)

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