That was a good walk

Thought I’d take a walk after my chirpracter appointment, and take advantage of this lovely weather, so I drove up to lake Williams and started down a trail. Wound up hiking further than I expected. When I looked at a map a little over half way through, I realized it was going to be a little over five miles all told. Didn’t feel like five miles though.

Saw a stand of ferns on a hillside, luxuriating in a patch of sunlight.

Saw the lake surface shiver at the wind’s caress.

Watched swallows dip and play in the air right in front of me.

Greeted a doe who watched me, curiously, from just a few yards away.

Smelled the fragrance of honeysuckle the whole way.

A good walk.

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  1. I just came back from sitting on the beach and watching the waves.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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