So the whole side of my neck has turned the same sickly yellow as my cheek, and I keep getting waves of nausea. I feel like I’m putrefying. Anybody else have that happen after dental surgery? Or am I just turning into a zombie?

Stacey and I are in an unstable orbit of distancing-and-reconciliation.

It’s such a pretty, cozy thanksgiving. Snow on the ground and warm baking smells inside. I don’t want it to be the end of an age. But it was always easy to pretend everything was okay on holidays, with nothing to do but eat and make merry with the family. It always got harder once the real world re-intruded itself, and I stopped ignoring the bank accounts and started having to balance all the demands again.

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  1. first guess is you arent drinking enough clear liquids

    as for everything else, i likely cant say the right thing so just know i know you are both going through an extremely difficult time and you have my sympathies

  2. Waves of nausea and discoloration are worrisome. I would go back to a doctor and be checked for other signs of infection. :/

  3. turning yellow could just be from the bruising. or could be infection. any new swelling? ice packs, motrin, and maybe calling the doc just to be safe…

  4. Discoloration

    In some cases, discoloration of the skin follows swelling. The development of black, blue, green, or yellow discoloration is due to blood spreading beneath the tissues. This is a normal post-operative occurrence, which may occur 2-3 days post-operatively. Moist heat applied to the area may speed up the removal of the discoloration.

    The nausea *might* be medication related.

    Agree with the sentiment to call just to be sure, though.

  5. from what what i understand, i wasn’t able to move for a day, because of how dtrong the stuff was to knock me out. I do remeber babysitting, three days later, without codeine. but no zombie like feelings without becoming one seems right.

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