I spent the weekend, when I wasn’t entertaining the in-laws or talking to Stacey, sunken into books. Care of the Soul, Thomas Moore; Four Archetypes, C.G. Jung, Science and Sanity, Alfred Korzybski, The world of Null-A, A. E. van Vogt. I also found time for a nice walk in the woods (with a book for company).

It’s times like these, when I get some time to myself, that I remember just how appealing to me a life of study and contemplation is. For all that I work at being a dynamic, productive, politically conscious, socially involved information-whore, I feel like I could let all the drop away without much regret and just lose myself in a life of monastic scholarship and meditation. When I’m walking through the woods alone I am reminded of the pre-emenint position the natural world has always held in my life, and just how trivial all of the distractions which have caught my attention really are.

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  1. As cliched as this sounds, I think both of you, but you in particular, have needed to have some time to “remember who you are” for a long time now. If nothing else, I hope that this will allow you both a chance to do that.

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