RIP Milton Friedman

A brilliant economist, and one of the greatest advocates for human liberty of our time. You will be missed.

UPDATE:  Remembrances from around the web: New York TimesBrad Delong, author Steven Levitt, Marginal Revolution, Inactivist, Coyote Blog, a collection of Friedman quotes, Asymmetrical Information, To the  People, Distributed Intelligence, Catallarchy, Virginia Postrel, Cato Institute, Hit & Run (including links to several Friedman interviews), Positive Liberty.

Besides being one of the most influential economists of the last century, Friedman was also a champion of (among many other things) school choice and a volunteer military.  He is credited with having a hand in ending the draft.

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  1. thus passeth a giant in influence. i’m not entirely sure about every detail of his thought, but he was an enormous intellect and got some major elements of liberty out there being talked about.

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