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I don’t usually freak out over hardware, but holy shit.

EDIT: Cingular? Cingular?! Only?!  You bastards.

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  1. meh…

    My phone will do the same thing. Yeah, it’s got a keyboard TOO because, frankly, you can’t type for shit on a 2.5″x4″ keyboard. You need FEEDBACK STEVE. I’m not thinking Mr. Jobs knows what feedback is. He never learned how to listen.

    Yeah, I have a stylus too because, frankly, the buttons on his big-mac-attack are too big to put much info on the screen. A hand-held device can’t be much bigger than a hand.

    I wouldn’t trade my 8525 for that Big-Mac. Mine does everything the mac can and can run 3rd party programs. As much as everyone bitches about MS, Mac is 30 times as bad when it comes to proprietary BS. I wouldn’t want an Ipod either.

    1. Re: meh…

      Um, you might want to read the article. 1) I don’t think it’s as big as you seem to think it is; if it’s thinner than any other smartphone it can’t be all that wide. 2) apparently they do some clever processing to make text entry accurate. 3) 3rd party apps? It runs OS X, for crying’ out loud. Not OS X “Mobile edition”, but the actual desktop OS. Which, I’m sure I don’t have to mention, also happens to be a fully functional BSD UNIX… I don’t think 3rd-party apps are going to be a problem.

      1. Re: meh…

        I read most of the article but it was so graphics-intensive it was giving my ‘puter the heartburn. Took over a minute to load over the broadband. WTF is up with that?

        It looks only slightly thinner than my phone. Doesn’t have a qwerty keyboard (something I will not do without) plus it’s a MAC. I don’t have $2K sitting around to blow in a phone.

        1. Re: meh…

          Of course it’s slow. Half the hardware-oriented sites on the web slow to a crawl after Steve Jobs’ keynotes. Particularly Engadget, because they always have excellent by-the-minute coverage.

          I don’t have $2K sitting around to blow in a phone.

          Seriously, dude, you need to read the article. The thing costs $500.

  2. Re: meh…

    I can think of no better pairing; apple’s excellent customer service bundled with Cingular’s stellar billing department.
    Its like a match made in hell.

  3. It’s a freakin’ Tricorder!
    All I have to do now is save a zillion extra dollars…

    1. Well, $500.

      You’re right, that’s basically a zillion, considering all the other things I need to drop $500 on before I buy one of these.

  4. Hmm….shall I presume without viewing the link that you are referring to Apple, Inc. new iPhone?

    Yeah…what a beauty…a sad shame that it has but one major cingular flaw that will likely keep me and a great many people from buying it.

    Alas, someone finally releases what appears to be a mobile OS with some intelligence. Bah….I guess I can only hope this gets Microsoft to move off it’s fat @$$ and bring Windows Mobile up to some level of mediocrity instead of the POS that it is.

    Apple sucks big time, because they keep going 90% of the way but stopping short of convincing me to purchase.

    iPod…nice, pretty interface, compact, elegant…2 flaws!
    – no widescreen (I will not buy any display if it is not widescreen)
    – doesn’t register as a simple USB storage device

    – flaw, single-button mouse…yeah yeah..I know every bloody macfanatic likes to tell me I can buy a multi-button mouse for it. But I only buy laptops these days. I am still waiting for someone to show me how to install two-buttons next to the trackpad.

    iPhone…gorgeous, finally someone got a media player write. And maybe even a PDA.
    – cingular? I mean really, if you expect me to download music and movies couldn’t you let me do it over Verizon’s EvDO connection at near DSL speeds?


    1. I am still waiting for someone to show me how to install two-buttons next to the trackpad.

      You don’t have to. On my Dell (which has two buttons) I avoid using the clicky buttons as much as possible. In my case I have it set up to register taps in the upper-right corner of the pad as right-clicks (and taps in the upper-left as middle-clicks). But on more modern touchpads you can set it up to register a two-finger tap as a right-click, and a three-finger tap as a middle-click.

      1. I’ve always had a fondness for the tactile feel of a button. And have hated the whole single-tap clik methodology. Find it clicking all over the place.

        1. I hate the buttons on my Dell. They are like giant analog foot paddles for an old sewing machine, and sound like a game of ping-pong when I click a lot.

          1. I will grant you that. My Toshiba had much better buttons.

            And to boot, my left and right click buttons behave/sound/act much differently. Poor quality.

            I really think my next computer will be a Mac. The only thing prohibiting me from having done so (besides cost) was that at the time there was question on whether one would be able to continue to boot Windows. Much of my software for work is Windows based so such is a necessity.

            I think when I finally leave my present job I will find myself migrating to Macintosh. Wow…what a shocker. Not my first time. I had to go Mac when I attending the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. That said…it sucked royally. Twice as expensive as PC and half the performance. (Was pre-PowerPC era). Though I did quite love the trackpad even on the first model ever.

            I’d love to see Mac release a 17″ desknote with “dual-hard drive bays”. I think if they did this they’d see a LOT of users migrate over. I mean if I could have a dedicated drive for Mac and a dedicated drive for Windows and simply have the hardware allow me to select which drive I wanted to boot from. (I really don’t like partitioning. I’ve seen too many installs accidentally wipe out a necessary drive partition, etc)

            That said…can we get some bloody larger laptop drives…and fast one too. I really want a 500gig 2.5″ drive. *sighs* I’d buy it in a flash (at least if it was under $400).

            That, and I am thinking I will have to build a budget PC come the end of 2007. I really want a network storage device with at least RAID 5. I want something to keep my data safe. Plus added performance is nice.

            Alas, iPhone still has me drooling a bit. A few “design” flaws”…no memory card expansion. It’d be sweet to have a MicroSD. Sure they’re only 2gigs at the moment but there are 16g+ in plans for the future. I’m hoping the iPod connector on the iPhone can act as a host device. It’d be nice to connect to an external drive and copy over files and such. (ie: full USB port functionality) ….i doubt it though.

            – Saj

            PS – I have a collection pack of like 7 specialty brews. My wife can’t drink. I need someone to help me drain these bottles. 😉

  5. See, that’s what makes Apple devices unpalatable. They seem amazing and wonderful, and then you realize that their are hordes of irritating turtle-necked Mac droids humping their 30″ Cinema Displays right now, charging up towering fields of Smug, and it just dirties the whole experience.

    1. . . .

      goddammit, you ruined my morning.

  6. *blink* are you not with Cingular anymore? I like Cingular, I miss it. I have to pick out a verizon phone now and I realized that Verizon phones have one important things in common, they’re all crappy! To me Cingular makes a good pair with Apple, the companies have similar marketing demographics. Cingular is much friendly to the 20=something crowd.

    1. Literally 8 out of 10 calls I make are either dropped or too choppy to be understood.

      1. What kind of phone do you have? I had a problem with my dropped calls but then found out that it was common for others who used my phone and not necessarily a cingular issue.

        1. Cheapest one they would sell me.

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