I just saw previews for a movie version of Steven Gould’s book Jumper.  It looks wretched.  I’ll probably wait for the rifftrax.  This is just a quick note to say that the original book is well worth reading, as are all of Gould’s fiction works, including Wild Side and Helm.  Gould’s work shares in common with early Heinlein the conceit that children and young adults can be strong, competent, decisive protagonists, not just gaping bystanders to remarkable events (I’m looking at you, Rowling).

And speaking of books…  I recently received a flurry of friend requests on  Is that what the cool kids are using these days?   For awhile I had tracked my literary outings on AllConsuming, and I’d also heard good things about LibraryThing.  So, does anyone else use one of these book-oriented social networking sites, and if so, which one?

EDIT: Haydn Christiansen? Do studio executives just sit around and make bets on who can manufacture the Perfect Flop?

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