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Autumn WindsFor the first time in … ever, I’ve redesigned my website and actually published the redesign. It’s just the front page so far, but I’m pretty happy with the look and I’m going to be expanding the content as I have time. I can’t take credit for the design; I used “Below the Horizon” from the fantastic All I changed was substitute one of my own photos and update the palette to match. The palette, incidentally, was created with the aid of COPASO, which is a lot of fun to use. It even gave me the fun little badge you see to the right after I published the palette:

Anyway, check it out: Yes, I know that most of the links are broken. Like I said, it’s a work in progress.

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  1. Wow, that’s really pretty!

    Color palette lurve!

    (Why the icon? Because I’ve had a terrible urge to put PRETTY DOCTOR IS PRETTY on it, LOLCAT-style, ever since I saw the original of it.)

  2. Autumn Winds by Avdi. It looks so cute!

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