Announcement: Beer & Badminton Saturdays

A few years ago we set up a badminton net in the back yard.  I forget now what gave us the idea, but it turned out to be one of the best recreational investments we’ve ever made, because it’s something the entire family enjoys.  It’s also been a big hit whenever we’ve had company over and the weather permitted.  As outdoor sports go, badminton has some uniquely party-friendly features: a) it’s easy enough to be accessible to just about anyone; and b) you can play it while holding a beer.

A few facts:

  • We like playing badminton
  • We are home a lot these days
  • We like having friends over
  • Beer is good.

In pondering the above facts, an idea presented itself.  And so, I would like to announce:

Beer & Badminton Saturdays

When: every Saturday, weather permitting, unless announced otherwise, until it’s too cold to play. 

Time: from anytime after 1:30PM until dinner time.  If you want to stay for dinner, that’s probably fine.  We just ask that you let us know beforehand and pitch in some cash for pizza (Saturday night is pizza night).

Where: the Grimm abode.

What to bring:

  • Your favorite badminton racket, if you have one (we have spares)
  • beer to drink and/or trade (only if you are a beer drinker)
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  1. That’s awesome.

    I’d be there if I could.

    I love badminton.
    I love beer.

    Two Great things together in one!

    Have fun!

  2. Oh, I am so down for that.

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